Unit 2. Question 1

  1. Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or to what extend do you think they should be taught and why?

Cyber safety, cyber awareness and cyber securtiy all have a common theme of being sate online. However, they each have their own distinct differences that different from each other. Cyber safety is the online behaviour that is safe, appropriate and responsible.Cyber awareness is knowledge taught to people to protect their personal information and identity on the internet. Cyber security is the protection of your computer, data, network and programs through digital technology. Children should be constantly taught these areas of technology, in order to obtain a safe cyber life. In order to do this, children need to be taught to be aware of how hackers can get personal information and steal their identity, causing more harm than good. Students should be able to identify when and where they should provide their personal information and how they can protect themselves from scams. Students need to know and understand the importance of being cyber safe and what to do if something doesn’t seem right, including emails and online games.

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