Unit 4: Question 3

As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives there are more opportunities for cyber attacks and hackers to gain personal information. The ever-growing possibilities of technology means there are many possibilities of what cyber attacks might look like in the future. As we use our fingerprints or facial features as ways of logging into banking apps or other personal apps perhaps hackers will use this to create fake fingerprinting code or a fake imagery to open these apps and steal information. We store more information on the cloud which can leave it open for hackers to steal. I think there will be more of a focus on stealing this sort of information through phishing or stealing passwords. The hackers in the future will use smarter and less detectable tactics to gain information as the technology grows it will be easier to hide their identities or remotely access information. These tactics could include convincing fake profiles or email scams that have no obvious signs of being a scam, such as fake weird language or suspicious attachments. These tactics could include the use of smart Artificial intelligence to create scams or hacking methods that bypass other A-I created security measures. With the rise of cryptocurrency and their use in society it is possible hackers will use this to scam large amounts of money from people, as more money online means more scam opportunities.

Perhaps a bit more sci-fi we could consider the use of technology that is created to be placed in humans, such as microchips for memories or pay-Wave chips under our skin. If this technology is widely used it opens hackers up to a whole new way of taking personal information and hacking into accounts. They could hack memories to gain passwords and bank details or use WIFI to hack payment methods.

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