Unit 2 Task: Isabella O

Introducing Networks Activity

Have students work individually or in small groups to create their own personal “network”. This activity introduces the concept of a network to students, which will then be related to cyber networking later in the lesson.

Students will need:

  • small pieces of paper (circular if possible)
  • pieces of string (green and red)


As a class, students will brainstorm people or groups of people that they know or do not know personally (eg. mum, dad, teacher, school bus driver, supermarket worker, bank clerk etc). They will then write 8-10 of these people on their small pieces of paper and place in a circle around a piece of paper labelled “me”. They will connect these people either using green string if they know them, or red if they do not.

Extension: Once students have identified what people/ groups of people they know and don’t know, they can choose to have a guess of who could possibly know who within the circle.

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