Unit 3 Task Option 3

I have chosen to complete option 3 for the task for unit 3 which is: Find and share a resource to support teaching students in primary years about information sharing or safe communication. Include a brief description.

The resource I have found can be found at this link below:

Click to access hectors-world-confident-reader-storybook-ep3-its-a-serious-game.pdf

The resource is a story book teaching students about the importance of not giving out personal information to anyone in a child-friendly and engaging way. Basically, the group of friends go to a games arcade and need to sign up for something when they are there. Two of the characters already have accounts and decide to give away their friends’ personal information without asking permission. The friends did not realise that there was a stranger nearby listening for personal information and they realise that their friend (the one whose personal information they gave away) has gone missing. This resource allows the students to understand the importance of not releasing personal information in public and to always ask permission. A discussion can form after this story about information sharing, what the morals of the story are and what they learnt about the topic.


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