Task 1

What are some primary-friendly “scam scenarios” that you could use in the classroom for encouraging students to critically think about messages they receive? Create your own “fake scam” to share with the community so they can try and spot the tell-tale signs!


Some Safe Fake Scams for kids could be;

  • winning an iPhone but enter your birthday and credit card
  • winning a free bike if you put your address to be delivered
  • playing minecraft online and a pop up comes up and says you win a free skin if you click this button

or you could use one about a real life situation which enables critical thinking;

“Imagine you are walking down a crowded street and a complete stranger approaches you and says you have just won a free trip—all you need to give him is your name, age, address,
phone number, and passwords to your social network accounts (Google+, Facebook etc). Would
you believe him?”

My Scam:

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