Task 3: Option 3

I sourced the following checklist on how to Be Safe on The Internet from TeachersPayTeachers.com.

According to the eSafety Commissioner Website, 81% of students between the ages of 8-17 have played an online game. Within this percentage, 52% have played a game online with someone THEY DO NOT KNOW!

In accordance with the statistics, students in years 3/4 are the youngest to engage in playing games online with strangers. The following activity has been designed to provide this age group with relevant, age appropriate and important guidelines as to how we share information and communicate safely when online. The activity is designed to be fun, engaging and enjoyable to enhance each students level of motivation to participate (supporting students to succeed in achieving cyber safety, awareness and knowledge).

Activity: Students would pair up or be assigned into small groups. Referring to the selected checklist, students could either:

  • Select a song they know/love and replace the song’s lyrics with the guidelines specified in this checklist.
  • Create a rap using the checklist’s guidelines.

If the pairs/groups were feeling confident enough by the end of rehearsals, they would then perform their song to the class (using a no lyrics version of their selected song) OR they could film themselves to send just to the teacher. Either way, this would be a fun performance opportunity!

Each student’s performance (whether it is live or recorded) then serves as evidence that the teacher has successfully taught the students age appropriate, easy to remember and extremely useful guidelines as to how they can safely share information and communicate with others online.


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