Unit 2: Task

  1. Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or to what extent do you think they should be taught and why?

Cyber Awareness focuses on the students protecting themselves when online, including the use of passwords, understanding that once its on the internet it stays there and how to use data correctly. Setting passwords and creating unique passwords should be taught more in schools to ensure that students can protect themselves online. However, if the Cyber Safety curriculum is taught properly, a lot of the Cyber Awareness system will be easier to understand and implement. 

This is different to cyber safety that focuses on managing your online profile and ensuring that each individual understands safe use of the online system and recognising everyone’s contributions. Cyber safety should be a large focus in the schooling system and through activities that involve referencing work, checking device history to show that everything stays after we use it and developing a code of ethics individually this can be achieved.

The Cyber Security aspect of the curriculum would be something that I would develop later in high school with students as it requires a higher level of understanding. Cyber Security is around the aspect of networking, protecting individuals from any outside threats before the individual becomes involved.

  1. Share with the community a way you would like to introduce networks into the classroom to make it tangible or visible for primary students. It could be using a resource you have found or your own idea or thoughts.

I would place the ‘network’ in the middle of the room and have lots of string coming out of it, at least 1 piece per student and ask students to share a random fact about themselves (Suggesting a favourite animal or place to go). After they say their answer, they get their piece of string. This would be a way of showing them that although they might share it privately, this stays on the network where all of their data is stored for others to access.

  1. Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves primary students exploring private and public information sharing. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

The cybersmart curriculum – https://www.esafety.gov.au/educators/classroom-resources/cybersmart-challenge

Cyber Security


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