Unit 5

  1. Find a resource (a website, video or storybook) for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics and share this with the community. Provide a brief explanation. 
  2. https://savvycyberkids.org/shop/books-for-children/
  3. From this unit, I have chosen a book called The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home book series. This series of books rely on the element of play—with pictures, rhymes and the help of the Savvy Cyber Kids Super Heroes, Cyber Thunder (Tony) and Cyber Princess (Emma)—to deliver the message of online safety before children start playing in a virtual world.

    This particular series caught my eye because it focuses on teaching cyber safety before students might be exposed to particular scenarios. This way students might have a reference point for how to act safely on the internet.

    Image From: https://savvycyberkids.org/shop/books-for-children/

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