Strong Digital Passwords Task

The classroom resource I shall be sharing in this post has been sourced from TeachersPayTeachers and is called ‘Online Safety Strong Password Lesson Plan’. This resource can be purchased at the ridiculously cheap price of $3.00 and offers both digital and paper versions of each of the tasks/activities.

This learning resource provides multiple Primary- School friendly activities and resources for students in years 3-6 to view, read and engage in.

‘Learning how to create a strong password is an important skill for students to learn in order to be secure online and to protect their identity’ (

Each resource/activity is extremely simple and fun to complete (for example the ‘Which Passwords are Strong?’ activity in which I have attached in an image form to this post).

Other activities provided in this lesson plan bundle include:

  • Easy or Hard Word Cards
  • Good or Bad Qualities Storing Page
  • Good or Bad Qualities Word Cards
  • Strong Password/Post Test
  • Password Brainstorming Sheet.

I feel that these activities could be used by teachers for inspiration to design learning activities that are more in depth regarding the seriousness of creating strong passwords.


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