Unit 3: Task

We have shared a few examples of how information can be extracted from data (such as in your images). What are other ways humans can leave traces of information with the use of technologies? Share an example or examples with the community.

It is extremely easy to leave traces of information about ourselves without even realising. One of the most popular ways is through video streaming services. Video streaming services are websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Stan and much more. To sign up to these platforms you are usually required to fill out information about yourself and your interests so they can tailor videos to what you like. By putting in this information these websites can gather a good picture of who you might be and they now have your personal information. This also allows other companies in partner with these services to provide ads specifically for your likes. While it is not necessarily easy for the general public to take your information from sites like these, the sites themselves have millions of peoples personal data at their accessibility.


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