Unit 5: Task

Find a resource (a website, video or storybook) for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics and share this with the community. Provide a brief explanation. 


I feel this video is effective as it begins by asking the questions, what are internet ethics? why do we need them? These are important for students to consider while they continue watching the video or to even quiz them from at the beginning. Next a very important point is raised regarding the fact that just because you are on your own device and are working independently, this does not mean your actions don’t affect anyone. This is important for students to understand. These actions range from communication (safely and appropriately), copyright issues (paying for sources and correct referencing) and protection online (don’t post full names, addresses or photos). The videos format is engaging for students while expressing important information and not being too long. The cyber ethics explored are essential for all students to understand.


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