Task 2

2. Share with the community a way you would like to introduce networks into the classroom to make it tangible or visible for primary students. It could be using a resource you have found or your own idea or thoughts.

To introduce networks I would have students to break up into groups of 3 with each group having a larger number of students for example if I had 23 students then group A would have 4 students, group B would have 8 students, and group c would have 11 students. They would then circle around each other where group A is in the middle, group B circles group A, and group C encircles group B. Group A is the local area network or home, group B representing a WAN of the school community, and C representing a WAN of the rest of the world.The students could then take this further with introducing coloured strings to represent whether named things are connected to the network, which network, etc. Then you could decide the types of access either public or private.

I would then explore having the students create their own representation to demonstrate what the below infographic shows.

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