Task 2

Cyber security is the foundation to keeping the information we share on the internet safe. Professional cyber security experts can protect networks, systems and data from becoming corrupted. Cyber awareness is knowing that people will try to attack our systems so we need to be ensuring that we are up to date on policies and procedures, have strong passwords and awareness that the information we share is permanent. Cyber safety is the way we use the internet with a conscious mind. Knowing that we are giving credit for the information that we share from others, that we are applying a code of ethics to all that we do with the awareness that we are creating our own digital footprint. It is important that we teach our students about all of these topics, however, I believe that Cyber Safety and Cyber Awareness would be more relevant when dealing with younger students. I definitely believe that by teaching them about what is public and what is private information is a particularly important. That they are aware that what they post will create a digital footprint that will last a lifetime.

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