Task 2



Cyber security is the focus on protecting information and data, while cyber safety relates to protecting people from content online in which may be harmful to the individual when using digital technologies. Cyber awareness is the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that endeavour to guard information assets.


These skills should be taught to students explicitly to ensure that all students are set up for a positive cyber experience. As students adapt to a 21st century approach, there are many authentic learning experiences in which can be modelled by the teacher during many lessons throughout the day.


Setting up an Edmodo for the classroom is a tangible way to bring networking into the classroom. It allows students to connect and communicate in a safe and monitored environment.


An introductory video to get students thinking about what the kind of information they are sharing online.




Following this,


Students could partake in earning their own cyber safety, cyber security and cyber awareness certificate by completing the tasks designed by safety.gov.au site for primary aged students.





An overview of cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.

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