Unit 4

Students need to be able to create strong passwords that aren’t easily hackable, but they will be able to remember. One activity that the students could do to create their own passwords is:

  1. Write a sentence that is easy to remember. Might be a quote from a movie or song or a story or a phrase that you will remember. Eg. The brown cat is Bella and the white cat is Cleo
  2. Then take the first letter including capitals eg. TbciBatwciC
  3. Then change the letters to numbers or symbols where you can. Eg. Tbc1B&twc!C
  4. You can also add a symbol at the end. Eg. Tbc1B&twc!C_


The other activity is to put 3 or 4 random words together that the students could easily remember such as:


Then change letters to numbers and symbols:



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