Unit 5

Share with us your top 5-10 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

  1. Don’t say negative things about another person, school, workplace or organisation online.
  2. Be careful about what you post online. Is it something that you would want your boss/ mother/ grandchildren to see?
  3. Make sure you reference other people’s work. Don’t take credit for work you haven’t done (this also applies to the physical world).
  4. If using other peoples work make sure that it shared under creative commons licence and is not copyrighted.
  5. Don’t post pictures of other people without their consent.
  6. (For schools/children) If a website is blocked at a certain place then it is probably for good reason.
  7. (For schools/children) If I see something inappropriate online I should turn off the monitor/ shut the laptop and tell an adult so they can help me.

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