Identifying the network

I teach in a prep classroom so the idea of a network needs to be visual for them.  I would get coloured string and starting from my classroom (teacher) computer I would unravel the string and tape the other end to the other computers in the classroom.  We would then repeat the process and join another string to the other classroom computers.  The children would easily identify the computers but it would be interesting for them when we start to attach the strings to things like the Ipads, phone, apple tv and photocopier.  Depending on our space we could also run some string to the neighboring classrooms to show that they are also connected to the same network. I would then show photos of the items in my home that are connected to my home network.  For example some homes would connect via their washing machines, air conditioners, fridges, TVs etc.  This activity would give them a new perspective on how connected both our homes and classrooms are via a network.

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