Think like a Hacker

This was my daughters idea. Play a game where students need to protect themselves online from a White Hacker. Students could set up fake email accounts, bank accounts, social media accounts etc. that the White Hacker tried to access. The White Hacker could try a series of strategies to access these accounts using malware such as phishing, ransomware, a virus etc. Students would have to take adequate measures to prevent the hacker such as using complex passwords or a digital security password app, and recognising phishing emails or games. This would help students to defend against bad hackers by having to think like bad hackers.

My idea was a game of Spy vs. Spy. Teams of students representing organisations with competing interests. Each team trying to hack the other to bring down their social, political and financial structures. Each team also trying to prevent the other teams from doing so. Again, sometimes you have to think like a bad hacker to defend against them.


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