Ways humans leave traces of information with the use of technologies

When using technology, it is sometimes easy to overlook the ways in which we are leaving a digital footprint behind. Some of these can include:
Websites and online shopping -Retailers and product review sites often leave cookies on your system which can track your movement from site-to-site, allowing targeted advertisements that can show you products you’ve been recently reading about or looking at online.
Social Media-All those Retweets, and Facebook comments (even private ones) leave a record.  Make sure you know what the default privacy settings are for your social media accounts, and keep an eye on them. Sites often introduce new policies and settings that increase the visibility of your data. They may rely on you just clicking “OK” to whatever terms they are introducing, without reading them.
Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops- Some websites will build a list of different devices you have used to visit those sites.



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