Unit 2 Task 1

1.Cyber security, safety and awareness are all very important aspects in a safe online environment in today’s society. They all may refer to the similar things but they all have their own vital role. Cyber security protects data and information networks in comparison to cyber safety which foregrounds the protection for users from harmful online content while cyber awareness is to create the knowledge and skills of users to avoid these threats. Classrooms should play a major role in creating cyber awareness and implement good cyber security habits into classroom pedagogies. This should be taught frequently for example; every time pupils access these resources whether they are computers or laptops. By providing students with cyber awareness, safety and security knowledge and skills will stress the importance that they all need to be safe and serious when interacting with online environments. By doing this it will avoid potential harms and hopefully be carried out throughout their development through schooling years.
2.Introducing networks into a classroom can be a group activity. A teacher can email all students a message through a computer, this can link to the group activity. Groups can be given a Map of a school with 2 familiar places that have more then 1 route. Students are to work together to find out as many routes as they can from getting to the Library to the Building 1. At the end students are to share their solutions. These routes can represent a network and link to the email that was just sent. This can be discussed after how sending something from one place to another is the same as finding the routes of a school Map they are going from one place to another.
3.I have found this video online. It is very appropriate for primary students it recognises the importance of sharing private and public information.


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