Unit 2, Task 2.

Key Differences

  • Cyber Security – Protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks.
  • Cyber Awareness – Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours we portray to protect our information assets.
  • Cyber Safety – Safe and responsible use of Information Communication Technologies.

What should be taught and why? 

Children in this century grow up with technology around them such as cell phones, tablets and computers, which puts them in at a greater risk into victims of cyber security attacks. To me, I think that is most important to inform children the basic understanding of how to protect their own identities when using the internet such as using anonymous screen names and strong passwords.

When children create their own identities, they are providing data on the internet. Therefore, children need to explore and consider the different types of data they can share with the public and what are some data that they should keep personal/private to prevent themselves from being victims of cyber atatcks.

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