Unit 2, Task 2

Question 1

Cyber security – Cyber security involves protecting computers, networks, programs, and data through science technology, and systems from digital attacks. Skilled professionals are involved when designing the technology and systems and testing procedures are required in case of an attack on the system. Regular maintenance is required so that technology and systems are up to date.

Cyber awareness – Cyber awareness involves building knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours in protecting information and assets. It is also through understanding potential cyber threats and how users can avoid these threats online.

Cyber safety – Cyber safety involves protecting users from harmful online content, unintended threats, or harms online. It protects the physical and emotional wellbeing of people. There are tools that focus on protecting people online from viewing explicit, inappropriate, or violent content. These tools monitor domains and content through filters, which keeps people safe.

I believe that cyber safety and cyber awareness are essential when teaching students in the classroom and at home to prevent and protect themselves from exposure to harmful content and be ethically aware of what they can or cannot do online in respect of others. With technology becoming more prevalent at home and in school, parents and educators would need to ramp up in creating awareness and providing strategies and tools to protect children when they are on the internet.

It’s a scary place out there on the internet, kiddos.

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