Unit 2 Task

Question 1: Explain what you think are some of the key differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety. To what extent are you teaching these in the classroom or to what extend do you think they should be taught and why?

Cyber security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from digital attacks through security design, security controls and protection, security awareness and user behaviour while cyber safety, which is used interchangeably with e-safety and online safety, is the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Cyber awareness is the understand of the potential threats to safety and the knowledge and skills of users to avoid threats and protect their information assets.

Teaching about these in the classroom is important as technology is become a large part of our lives and the world will increasingly be more dependent on it in the future, hence it is important that students learn about these from an early age so that they are aware of the dangers that entail with the use of the internet and are able to protect themselves and their data from them.

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