Differences between the 3 Cybers


The 3 Cybers (Cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety) are all similar in a sense that all 3 are used to protect users when communicating with digital devices and becoming good digital citizens. So how are they defined and how are they different?

Cyber Security: is the protection any digital hardware of software, such as your laptops or facebook accounts, through security controls and protection, security awareness and user behaviour. Worried that your twitter account might be hacked? Making your password stronger by using a mixture of letters, numbers and characters will make it less susceptible to hacking. Afraid your laptop might be prone to viruses? Get an anti-virus programme to help you out!

Cyber Awareness: the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours that aim to protect information. These elements are focused in protecting informational assets, such as protecting yourself as a user of the internet, protecting information from being leaked, and providing a safe digital platform for others. As it states the obvious, having an awareness of what is happening in the digital community is necessary for anyone who plans to be part of it. A simple advice offered to new users of the digital community is not to post information that might be detrimental or unnecessary online (no one wants to know when you fight with your husband, Karen, we all know he’s too good for you.).

Cyber Safety: the safe and responsible use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT). There are many options for different users to use technology for various means, such as using an iPad app for a text-to-speech communication option for autistic children, or a printer to print funny faces. However, there is also irresponsible and unsafe (and illegal) use of these technologies, such as catfishing or hacking bank accounts. As humans, there will definitely be people who may test the capacity of these softwares and hardwares, and we have to ensure that we, as good digital citizens, do not make these choices.

This is important as we are protecting the vulnerable parties which may not be tech savvy, such as the elderly or young children, from being taken advantage of from possible online predators. Losing money from scamming, provided unsafe pornographic images and hacked cameras are all very real situations and do happen, and we have to ensure that we are educated enough to prevent these situations from happening, and protect our loved ones.

Overall, if you still aren’t able to wrap your head around the differences between the 3 elements, focus on the key words behind the ‘cyber’. Security protects you, your devices and the people around you, awareness is all about understanding and behaving well within the digital community, and safety is all about being safe users of the digital devices and being good digital citizens.


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