Rytha’s Introduction (Task 1)

Hello everyone, I hope you aren’t as irritated as I am with the confusion from creating so many accounts within an hour. My name is Rytha, and I am a 3rd year Early Childhood Education student with James Cook University Singapore.

I am a self-proclaimed tech dinosaur and still struggle with identifying simple flaws in the digital community. If not for Spotify and Netflix, I still wouldn’t be able to download free movies and songs from the internet (it’s still illegal btw) and favour more dumb proof phones such as the iPhone, where pre-settings are made for your convenience.

I do enjoy putting away devices and staying away from them as the blue light has caused me eye sight troubles, as well as a bad back due to the many hours of ergonomic horror from bending forward for assignments.

All in all, I hope to learn more from the digital community of CSERMOOC (they should really think of a better name) and be able to use this information to translate it into teaching students about digital safety.

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