Unit 3, Task 3

Question 1

We’ve all heard of ‘cookies’. No, not the type that you get from bakery shops. But a computer ‘cookie’. It is also known as a HTTP cookie, web cookie, internet cookie, or a browser cookie. It is basically data that your computer receives and sends back when you visit a website and stored on your computer in your web browser. This data is used to track how much you visit a website and the activity you do. There are different types of cookies:

Session cookies – Data is stored when the user is actively navigating on the website. The cookies are deleted once the browser is closed.

Tracking cookies – Stores long-term records of your visits on a website.

Authentication cookies – Tracks the user when they log in, and their name/ username when they log in.

The purpose of cookies is to help websites keep track of your visit and activity on the internet. Information like your login information, recent visits, saved passwords, shopping cart items, so on and so forth. Companies are able to retrieve data like cookies to target specific market and consumers which can be a good (or bad) thing, depending if you like shopping (Don’t we all?). These bits of data can help websites and advertisers have insight on what you like to buy or do on the internet.

So next time your web browser requests to save any information, think twice. Or you can just delete/ manage your cookies in your privacy settings.

Once again, stay safe!

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