Unit 5, Task 5

Question 1
  1. Take proper care of your technological devices – Be aware of what you download, click, or share online as viruses or malware could infiltrate the system.
  2. Understand the Copyright law, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons license – Understand that everything on the internet has copyright implications and there are rules to using or sharing content taken online. This means the original creator of the content should be credited. 
  3. No cyberbullying – Cyberbullying affects the lives of others. If you are witnessing an incident of cyberbullying, report it to teachers, parents, or relevant authorities.
  4. Follow the proper netiquette – Each platform would have their own netiquette, or rules for online communication. Some of these include: use proper writing, respect other privacy, do not use profanity, do not use your devices when engaging in a face-to-face conversation.
  5. Use appropriate and safe websites that can be used for learning and research – Not everything on the internet is reliable. Recognise the information is valid and credible by cross-checking the source with other sources for evidence.

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