Unit 5 task

Find a resource (a website, video or storybook) for teaching a topic related to cyber ethics and share this with the community. Provide a brief explanation.

Savvy Cyber Kids Books For Children
The introduction of online safety and privacy, and other aspects of cyber ethics, must begin at a young age so that children build lifelong habits for staying safe and secure. Savvy Cyber Kids provides children with the knowledge base to make better decisions through the use of traditional, age-appropriate educational materials that instill safety awareness well before children ever go online.

The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home book series rely on the element of play—with pictures, rhymes and the help of the Savvy Cyber Kids Super Heroes, Cyber Thunder (Tony) and Cyber Princess (Emma)—to deliver the message of online safety before children start playing in a virtual world. Just as young children are taught the rules of the road—look both ways before you cross—online safety rules are best delivered by parents and trusted teachers in the the home or classroom.

Kids – Savvy Cyber Kids

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