Code: Braille – Task 3

I believe one of the most commonly used codes today is something that is so obvious to everyone but we do not pay attention to it or that we are not able to break it without recognising it.


Braille is not just code, but a complete language used by large groups of people who are visually impaired. It is signified by dots in different arrangements of 2 by 3 squares. Letters, numbers and even full words are created using just the 6 boxes.

We find braille almost everywhere in Singapore, on the floor for walking without obstacles, on the lift buttons to denote the floor number, and even atm machines. However, most of us common eye-seeing folk do not use this code, and would possibly fail if braille was used instead of written numbers and letters.

Braille is a very useful tool for students to learn how to decode messages in a language that they may not find useful. A fun way to learn how to decode Braille would be to have a treasure hunt where students go around a location to find hidden messages written in braille. They would learn to appreciate how Braille impacts those who are visually impaired and how they can use these skills to create and encrypt messages for others to decrypt.

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