Unit 2 Task

3. Share an activity idea or classroom resource that you have found online or created yourself that involves primary students exploring private and public information sharing. It could be a video, lesson plan, storybook, song or anything else!

I found a cybersecurity card game created by The Australian Computing Academy (ACA) to help primary school children distinguish between personal and private information and deepen their understanding of the risks of online sharing. It can either be played as a whole class where the teacher acts as the facilitator of the game. If not children can be broken up into small groups and be given a checklist to record which information can be shared and which information must be kept private. It can spark conversations about the information that:

  • is OK to share

  • should be shared with caution or

  • should not be shared

Students should be asked to predict which category the card belongs in, discuss and justify their decisions and then confirm by turning them over to reveal the ACA explanation.

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