A Return of Eugenics – Task 4

Question: Share your thoughts on what you imagine to be the future of cyber attacks. Consider the types of information we store and share online today. What information will hackers try to get in the future? What approaches do you think they will use?

Do you remember the days of msn where we used to download limewire to transfer each other movies or music files? Those were the days before netflix and spotify were available and the only other way to watch movies were to buy CDs and download illegal files online not knowing whether they were going to be watchable on your computer.

The information about malware and viruses were a new and unknown subject to many, technology being the up and coming field and governments started to groom their cyber army for unknown methods of stealing information, which was now more and more available online. In this current age of year 2020, nothing was not found online. Bank accounts, credit card details, birth certificate numbers, you name it, it’s online and found somewhere. With the availability of these information, it becomes a risk for you, your family and anyone in your community.

What are they looking for next?

I would think the next bit of information that hackers will be looking out for next is genetic code information. With Circle DNA and 23andme, services that provide clients information of their genetic make up, this is information that is mostly unknown to many and may be a potential hacking point. This key information of genetic coding may persuade government bodies and companies to move back into eugenics with the proof of bettering the human population by eliminating the reproduction of persons with defective or mutated genetic codes.

Who knows how they may do it, perhaps by doing what they have always been doing? Putting up advertisements on facebook or twitter telling people with defective genes that a life without children would be so much better, and people who have stronger gene pools to donate their eggs or sperm. WHO KNOWS.

Eventually, we have to be prepared that when information is uploaded online, it will have a high likelihood (actually it’s 100% going to happen) that the information will be stolen by another party. We have to be ready for this to happen, and educate our future generations about the dangers of putting sensitive information online, and how they can protect themselves from such attacks. What we can do now is to ensure we keep evolving ourselves and our systems to be able to defend from such attacks and make it impossible for hacking to happen. And when hackers are able to infiltrate the systems, we have to once again evolve to find a solution to beat them once more.



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