Task 3

There are so many ways that we leave our digital footprint in our daily lives. Even for people who claim they don’t share data online, it is unavoidable in today’s world.

When we drive to school, our phone tracks our route. It knows the quickest route as it can see how many other users are travelling that same road.
When we arrive at school, we swipe in through a boom gate, recording our arrival.

After school we visit the shopping centre and the parking system scans and records our vehicle number plate. Security cameras capture our faces that can be used in facial recognition systems. Inside we scan our rewards card as we buy our groceries and the QR check in code at the cafe when we meet a friend for coffee. They are serving a new type of coffee so you and your friend google its origins while drinking it.

On the way home we might ‘ask Siri’ for recommendations for takeaway in the area. At home we turn on Netflix and choose a new show that has been suggested because Netflix knows we watched something similar last week. We check social media and ‘like’ and tag ourselves in a photo of a friend’s baby shower from the weekend. We click on a news article about a local issue and then get side tracked by an ad that pops up for a coffee machine.

All these small interactions are recorded online and used by various companies to build data and profile about us.

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