Unit 2 Task

An activity that students can participate in is the ‘Traffic Light’ game, aimed at students in years 1-3.  This game involves students identifying whether or not online websites, games, videos etc are appropriate for them.  For it to be ‘green’ it must be just right for them, fun, with things for them to do and see and has appropriate words.  ‘Yellow’ may be websites or apps where they aren’t sure if it is “just right” for them, includes words that are hard to read, asks for information like their full name, address or phone number (wants them to fill out a form).  And a ‘red’ would include everything from yellow but is clearly not right for them, a place they have accidently gone to, has words, pictures, videos etc. aimed at older kids/adults or a place where strangers can chat with them.

Once each student understands what a green (Go!), yellow (Slow down/not sure) and red (Stop!) website or app is, they will each be given green, yellow, and red cards.  The teacher will then say different scenarios that students could find themselves in online.  Each student must identify what zone it is and hold up the appropriate coloured card.

This activity has been manipulated from a pre-existing lesson plan on the Common Sense Education website.


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