Unit 2

There are key differences that differentiate cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.  Cyber security is the protection of data and information from digital attacks from third parties. Including and applying innovations including firewalls, skilled professionals’ designs and maintaining secure technologies and systems all contribute to the protection of computers and their networks. However, cyber awareness is the knowledge and understanding of potential cyber-attacks and how a user is able to prevent them from happening. To be able to protect personal information a user should incorporate multi-factor authentication to create an extra layer of protection of their data as well as, having an understanding of cyber-attacks and use/misuse of data. Finally, cyber safety is the measure of utilizing the internet responsibly. A user should understand the idea of good internet etiquette while using online resources.

I believe an introduction from Grade 2 is an ideal stage for students to fully grasp the idea of these three focal terms. It should definitely be taught early as technology is being used more and more by the younger generation. Without having knowledge of these terms’ students will be more inclined to be harmed by some form of cyber-attack.

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