Unit 4

A fun classroom activity I would incorporate into my lesson plan would be similar to example 2. Firstly, I would split my class into two; one group is working on creating the passwords while the other group is trying to decode the passwords. For the “creating” group I would have phrases/words with corresponding numbers and symbols that the children would have to use in order to create their own interpretation of a password. From there, I would get the “decoding” group to try and decipher their password. This will then help students understand what makes a good password and how easily a password can be deciphered.


Examples of words/phrases and numbers and symbols:

  • Boy aged 7 who loves dragons, and their favourite colour is Blue
  • Girl aged 12 loves ballet and smiley faces
  • Boy who has a dog named Bingo and the dog is 2 years old
  • Girl whose favourite colour is pink, and their favourite animal is a jellyfish

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