Unit 5

Let us know – is there a topic on cyber ethics that wasn’t covered in the course that you think is important to cover in cyber security and awareness?

I strongly believe more emphasis should be put on the sharing of an individual’s photo, whether it be in private (text message/group chat) or public (forum/social media page) platform. This comes under both intellectual property and can also be a form of bullying. Children should be made aware of the damage that can be made and lasting affects this can have on an individual. If children are taught, from the start, that it is inappropriate to share another’s image without their permission, then we can hopefully prevent incidences like we have seen (especially those of a sexual nature) in the future.

I like the links below for ways to talk to children about right and wrongs when sharing content and information on handling these situations.

Sending nudes and sexting | eSafety Commissioner

Photography and sharing images guidance | NSPCC Learning

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