Unit 2

The differences between Cyber Security, Awareness and Safety can be related to something as simple as riding a bike.

For example, Cyber Security is the ‘bike’ and the technology that has been put into it to make it usable and safe for anyone to use. It is made from the right materials in the factory, all the parts are put together ensuring that it is setting you up for good use (if used in the correct/advised way with extra precautions).

Cyber Awareness is knowing that the ‘bike’ can be dangerous and so you purchase a helmet and a chain and make sure only you know the password to the lock. It is being aware of how if you ride the bike fast down the hill, you should use your brakes so you don’t break.

Cyber Safety is wearing that helmet, locking that lock and making sure to ride the bike in a safe way, not in front of traffic and using your brakes when you are going too fast.

Each of the above examples could be taught in a primary school setting to make it easy for kids to relate. I would hope that in schools from an early primary age, children are being taught to be aware and know what is private and what can be public.

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