Unit 2 Task

There are three differences that differentiate cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety.  Cyber security is the protection of data and information from online attacks and hackers, which is sadly quite common in todays world as technology is on the rise. Cyber awareness however, is the knowledge and understanding of potential cyber-attacks and how they can occur and how a user whether that be an adult or a child is able to prevent them from happening and understand how to safely be online. Cyber safety is the measure of utilising the internet safely and responsibly. Internet users should understand the idea of good internet etiquette, how to access websites safely and what not to do while using online resources.

Personally, I believe a subtle introduction to the online world should start even as young as Kindergarten. Technology is a growing force and it appears it is not going anywhere anytime soon. A more in-depth looking into internet safety could be tough perhaps from Grade 4 onward so that as students mature they can fully grasp the idea of these three focal terms. Without having at least some sort of  knowledge even as a young child about technology, students will be more inclined to be harmed by some form of cyber-attack, hack or much worse.

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