Unit 4

Question 1:

Been nagging your parents for some new electronics? Well nag no more! WITH ONE CLICK OF A BUTTON THIS COULD BE ALL YOURS!!!!! 2 iPhone 12s, Newest addition GOLD MACBOOK, PLAYSTATION 4 all at the click of a button! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you dont wanna MISS. This is you chance toWIN big. Just click this button and enter your Name, Phone number and email address and home address and you will go into the draw to WIN!!!!!

This is sort of scam filled with such expensive items is designed to grab the attention of young people, especially in an electronic filled world where having the newest of everything seems like a luxury.

However signs of a scam are:

-Sounds too good to be true

-Not from a credible sight

-Writing is all over the place

-Spelling and punctuation incorrect

-Requesting personal information

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