Unit 2: Task

Lesson Plan:

Private and Personal Information Video Discussion


Activity Steps

  • Introduce the video topic to students by saying: Today we are going to watch a video that explores what type of information is and is not okay to share online.
  • Show the Private and Personal Information video (1:20 minutes) (videohttps://www.commonsense.org/education/videos/private-and-personal-information)
  • Lead a class discussion exploring the questions below.


What type of information about you is ok to share?

*Sample response:

It is OK to share personal information. Personal information includes things like: what you like to do, your favourite movie, ideas that you have, or even pictures of your pet.


What type of information is not okay to share?

*Sample responses:

It is not OK to share private information. Private information includes things that identify you, such as your full name, home address, phone number, school, or date of birth.


Why shouldn’t you share private information?

*Sample responses:

You should not share private information because someone could use it to identify you individually. They could try to contact you, or use the information to impersonate you.



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