Unit3: Task

The Roman Geezer Code:

Nearly 2000 years ago, Julius Caesar was busy taking over the world, invading countries to increase the size of the Roman Empire. He needed a way of communicating his battle plans and tactics to everyone on his side without the enemy finding out. Caesar would write messages to his generals in “Roman Geezer Code”. Instead of writing the letter ‘A’, he would write the letter that comes three places further on in the alphabet, the letter ‘D’. Instead of a ‘B’, he would write an ‘E’, instead of a ‘C’, he would write an ‘F’ and so on. When he got to the end of the alphabet, however, he would have to go right back to the beginning, so instead of an ‘X’, he would write an ‘A’, instead of a ‘Y’, he’d write a ‘B’ and instead of ‘Z’, he’d write a ‘C’. When Caesar’s generals came to decipher the messages, they knew that all they had to do was go back three places in the alphabet. Numbers also became letters from 0 to 25 with A being 0, B being 1, C being 2 etc. When encoding, shifting the alphabet forward three places, is the same as adding three to the starting number.


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