Task 3

The most common code that was used early on was Morse Code where they communicated through different types of clicks, tones or light patterns. This is still used today throughout daily challenges. Another common Cipher is the Ceasar Shift Cipher which was described in the documentation provided for Task 3. Another interesting code was the Enigma code where a specific device was needed to depict the code letter. Alan Turning, Cambridge university Mathematician was able to break the code by creating another machine. Other interesting Ciphers included the Transportation Ciher, Book Cipher, Steganography and even the Pigpen Cipher.

Gone are the days when you would think using invisible ink to send a letter across the classroom so the teacher was unable to read it without a special pen or light. Using lemon to hide a painting or artwork from friends or family. Calling an object by a different name or have a friendship code for a play time area, or meeting area.

Codes can be used in so  many different aspects of our lives as children and as adults and i believe its important to understand how important and relevant they are to keep our private information private

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