Unit 4

I have chosen a way to teach children about passwords and how to make them successful. In identifying a password for a page, blog, access to a computer, profile or any type of system, the children need to understand why we need a password in the first place. This is part of our protection to our personal information, our own data materials and keeps our profile private from others who have access to a network system like they have in schools.

A great way to build a password is from phrases. Writing down a few different phrases and asking the children to create passwords from these. The passwords  must contain an upper case letter, a number and a special sign like a ? or @.

We could use phrases that emphasis our favorite nursery rhymes, group times or favorite toy. Such as:
– Jack and Jill went up the hill
– Mary had a little lamb
– We wish you a merry christmas
– Book reading is the best
– This old Man he played 2

A great discussion is for children to understand their password is for them only and no one else. If they need to remember the password easily, best way is to practice saying it to themselves privately. Or have a identification key for the password like a remembering key.

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