Unit 2: Option 1

When speaking about Cyber Security you may have stumbled across the terms “cyber awareness” and “cyber safety”. But what are the differences between these terms? Cyber Security is the practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data through powerful computer science technology and systems. In contrast, Cyber Awareness is the development of knowledge, attitudes and behaviour on keeping information secure and safe. Lastly, Cyber Safety is  managing and collaborating safely and responsibly online. These terms can be misunderstood easily without properly taking the time to  explore their meaning.

With what seems like all of the earth’s human population  interacting with the online world and technology; I believe it is significantly important that all aspects of Cyber security and awareness should be taught to all students. A deep understanding is essential for students to have to help keep themselves, the school and wider community safe from cyber attacks that can potentially release private information and assets. There are many resources such as websites, videos, and activities that can assist teachers with delivering information across all academic levels.

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