Unit 5

  1. Use a strong password
  2. Remember that your digital footprint cannot be erased.
  3. Make positive / constructive comments or no comment at all
  4. Don’t share personal information and if you do, be aware of the terms and conditions of that site/app
  5. Always report cyberbullying
  6. follow the rules and guidelines of online resources.
  7. acknowledge other peoples work

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    Share with us your top 5-10 code of ethics statements for using technology in the classroom or your professional workplace.

    1. never share your passwords or personal information such as full name, d.o.b, and address
    2. always reference and acknowledge other people’s work
    3. respect yourself, others and the environment when using online platforms
    4. ensure you create strong passwords that contain 8-12 character with special characters to avoid malicious breaches of information and privacy
    5. be considerate, safe, and know your rights and responsibilities in order to be a good digital citizen