Unit 2- Question 1

The key difference between Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness and Cyber Safety is the difference uses for each of these topics. Cyber Security focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data through computer science technology and systems. Examples of Cyber Security are biosecurity/ artificial intelligence; strong testing procedures to prevent attacks and maintaining secure technology and systems (encryption). Cyber Awareness builds our knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in protecting our information and assets. Cyber Awareness acknowledges us about cyberattack awareness; up to date policies and and procedures, and creating strong passwords. Lastly Cyber Safety is about managing and collaborating online safely and responsibly. Cyber Safety focuses on applying safe settings to accounts. being careful with devices and tools, and sharing thoughtfully and collaborating responsibly. These topics should be taught in the classroom because students will become aware of the danger of the internet and how important these topics are for the students to understand and use when using the internet.https://www.slipstreamcyber.com/services/managed-detection-and-response?gclid=CjwKCAiAhbeCBhBcEiwAkv2cY_8nOoRTSXXdTbeIHHy1Fxu6SOqwz2KPvyxAzQS9GwSGe89SaMUnXRoCFZYQAvD_BwE

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