Network information security

What I want to talk about is the problem of personal information being leaked on the Internet. With the rapid development of the information age, personal information has begun to be visualized. In October 2020, according to foreign media reports, a major data breach occurred in Greece’s largest telecommunications network company. This information leak was caused by a cyber attack carried out by foreign hackers, which had a major impact on “national security issues.” The hackers stole phone and other data from September 1 to 5, 2020.
In fact, these information leakage incidents happen many times every year. Although in the digital age, informatization and big data have greatly facilitated people’s lives, with a little carelessness, information leakage has turned users into “transparent people” on the Internet. Data shows that among the netizens who have experienced information leakage, as high as 47.5% of netizens choose to ignore it. It is urgent to raise citizens’ awareness of information protection. Citizens should establish a sense of self-protection, attach great importance to the safety and protection of personal information, fully realize the serious harm that information leakage may cause, and face the “zero trust” of information collection, and provide as little personal information as possible to businesses and network service providers.
In short, only those who continuously expose information can our network environment be purified. Protect our own information security.

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