Unit 2 Task

The differences between cyber security, cyber awareness and cyber safety


Recently, with the rapid development and widespread use of technology, people’s lives have become more dependent on it. Some websites, however, can leak people’s personal information and important data, which requires the public to have an understanding and awareness of the safe use of the Internet.


Cyber security can through the cyber design, security control to protect personal data and information on networks. However, the key differences between cyber safety and cyber security are cyber security is including cyber safety and cyber safety is more relater with people’s behaviors in using the internet. Cyber security which through the physical operation of networks and computers is more systematic than cyber safety. The formation of cyber awareness is the basis for healthy network use and the formation of cyber security. The development of cyber awareness, it requires a combination of education and policy implementation.



By school educating students and analyse examples of online safety incidents with students, to let children understand what potential threats may lead to if they use technology inappropriately. In class, in order to prevent personal information leakage, teachers need to teach children cyber safety knowledge and skills about how safe and responsible use of information communication technology. Educators can show them some videos which show them how to properly use the internet and understand the way of network information leakage and network fraud.



Cyber security, cyber awareness, and cyber safety,  three of these elements are comprised people processes technology. Hence, these are essential and help children to develop good behavior and raise the awareness of using Internet safely, which contributes to a safe digital world.

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