Unit 2 Task – Q1

With the rapid development of Internet services, using a browser to surf online is not as safe as it used to be. Moreover, the average age of children getting access to electronic devices is become younger year by year. It is very important to teach the younger generation how to use the Internet safely and properly.

In order to do so, children need to know three key elements to protect their online safety: cybersecurity, cyber awareness, and cyber safety.

Cybersecurity refers to those computer technologies and software applications in our computer systems that can protect our data and personal information, for example, biosecurity password or antivirus applications. For this concept, we would like students to understand how to set up a strong software system for their computers to avoid being attacked by hackers or viruses.

Cyber awareness describes building an individual’s knowledge of protecting our personal information during using online services. Which is acquiring basic knowledge about what we should and shouldn’t do when using a browser. With the development of online payment systems, our lives become more convenient but cybercrime can also take advantage of this, they now can commit a cybercrime easier than we can imagine. Therefore introducing cyber awareness knowledge to children would be an essential step before they enter the Internet world.

Cyber safety is after we guarantee our online safety, we need to study how to be thoughtful and responsible for our behavior online. Every word we said, every picture we post, is tractable and representing ourselves. It is very important that we let our children know that the Internet world is not a place out of the law, things that we shouldn’t do in the real world, we shouldn’t do them in The Internet world either.

When introducing how to use computers and the Internet properly to students, I consider that follow the order of cybersecurity to cyber awareness, then cyber safety would be easier for students to understand, as it follows an ‘external to internal’ direction. I would first introduce some basic computer software that protects our computers. Then continue the class while using online learning websites, such as Khan Academy or Padlet. During the process of using these websites, explain the importance of setting up usernames and passwords. Lastly, keep reminding our children to avoid sharing personal information online, and they need to be responsible for everything they said on the Internet.

Following are some videos that contain information about cybercrime and tips to protect our information.

What is cybercrime?

What is identity theft?

Tips to protect your information

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