Unit 3 Task

How technology leakage personal information?


  1. WIFI Connection

WIFI network is a convenience and indispensable communication tool in human life. With the sound and rapid development of mobile network, WIFI internet has become the first choice of most internet user and save the cost of mobile data. However, a large number of people are often ignore the importance of WIFI security. Some free public WIFI networks connect automatically will also become an outlet for selling personal privacy.


Some internet connection apps automatically share your personal password while you are connecting to WIFI. What’s more, if hackers use such products to connect to the user’s WIFI, they can monitor, attack and intercept the user’s bank card information, which poses a great threat to user’s privacy and causing damage to property.


Prevention: Do not use public WIFI as much as possible and set your wi-fi connection to manual.


  1. Social Media

Most people love using social media for example Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo to post their picture of their daily life. However, sometime some people may unconsciously post or mark their position, work unit and other true information.

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